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Baker Crane do not offer Corporate, Trust or Fiduciary Services, Accountancy or Legal Services, we may during consultation with our clients advise on the use of suitable structures available from our preferred business partners who are Licensed and Regulated. Baker Crane do not provide Investment or Pensions Advice, such services are available where appropriate from our preferred business partners who are Licensed and Regulated.

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We work as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst giving your affairs proper professional care and attention. We hope you find us friendly and approachable, as we aim to develop a good relationship with our clients for which the basis is good communication.


By signing and returning our Terms of Business letter or continuing to instruct us in any matter, you have confirmed your acceptance of our terms. Our advice relates to the specific circumstances in which you are instructing us. You must not rely on it in different circumstances. These terms shall apply to you and your associates which, for these purposes, include all companies which you control or which control you, or which is in common ownership or control with you. If you instruct us to act for you in conjunction with other third parties (for example executors of an estate, trustees or joint owners of property), we will assume that you have authority to do so unless we are specifically told otherwise. If we receive instructions from you, we will deal directly with you.


We will inform you as to the person who is responsible for dealing with and co-ordinating your work on a daily basis. If appropriate, he or she may delegate work to others in the firm if it is cost effective and appropriate to do so. Delegating work effectively makes sure that people with the right level of expertise and experience do the work required as economically and efficiently as possible.


We aim to offer all our clients an efficient and cost effective service, but if there is any aspect of our work with which you are unhappy, please let us know. You should in the first instance address any query or complaint to the person responsible for your work. In most cases, they will be able to resolve the query or complaint with you. However, if that is not possible or if you prefer to do so, please raise your problem with our Compliance Officer in writing. If for any reason our internal complaints procedure is not effective, and depending on the work we are undertaking for you, we are regulated by professional bodies as listed on our website, which also have complaints procedures. In this event please ask us for details.


We will keep all information relating to your affairs confidential. However, we may disclose information to others if you ask us to do so, or if we are required by law, or by our professional regulators. We may also disclose your files to external auditors. If you are acting as an individual, you agree that we may retain and process personal data about you and use data held by us to contact you by any means with details of other services provided by us. If you object to this, please let us know.


On completion of a matter and following payment of any outstanding fees, we will return to you at your request any documents or papers to which you are entitled. Any papers not so requested will be retained on our file. Our files are stored for a minimum of three years but maybe destroyed after that. We are able to store deeds, wills and other documents on your behalf. We do not normally make a charge for this; however we reserve the right to charge for the production of copies for the examination of files, deeds or documents held by use. Although we will take all reasonable care we do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any such papers, deeds or documents. Occasionally we are asked to store other goods but will do this at your risk. It is your responsibility to insure against any loss or damage to any papers, deeds or goods which we agree to store.


All copyright in documents we produce is reserved by us. Advice given and documents prepared are for your use only and may not be used copied for or by any third party without our express consent.


We will give you the best information possible on the likely cost of a matter and where appropriate a written estimate. Generally our charges are based on the amount of time we record, and bill in units of six minutes. Our hourly charging rates are based on the seniority and expertise of those involved. As well as the time spent, a number of other important factors must be taken into account.

the value of the transaction; the complexity and difficulty of the matter; the skill, knowledge and responsibility involved; the urgency; the place and circumstances in which the work is done

We are happy to tell you at any time the amount of fees incurred to date. If you wish, we can also arrange to review the matter with you when our fees have reached an agreed level. Our hourly charging rates are reviewed each year. If the work we are doing for you has not been concluded by the next review date, the new rates will apply to work undertaken after the review date. Our costs are exclusive of VAT. However other items of expenditure (known as disbursements) are also chargeable and more information on these items is covered at paragraph 9.


Our costs do not include payment made on your behalf which can, for example, include travel and expenses, photocopying charges, filing fees and other payments, particularly to third parties. You may be asked to provide us with funds in advance for any payments which we are required to make on your behalf and in the event that such payments are made by us in the first instance, we will require these to be paid to us immediately on our requesting you for reimbursement.


Any estimate we give is based on our experience of handling similar matters. However, no two matters are the same. In some situations we may need to revise our original estimate. We will tell you as soon as we can if the work will be more complicated or take longer than we originally thought.


It is our normal practice to deliver invoices at intervals during the course of a matter and a final account on completion of the work. You can if you wish arrange for standing orders or other methods of payment. All invoices are due and payable upon presentation. We may charge interest for late payment 28 days after presentation of the invoice at the rate of 8% per annum. If you do not pay an invoice on time or do not reimburse us for payments made on your behalf, we reserve the right to stop working for you and to charge you for the full amount of work we have done for you. Should a matter not be completed for any reason, then we will make a charge for the work which was carried out. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the invoice, it can be independently assessed depending on the type of work, by our professional regulators. A commission charge of 10% is levied to an invoice by an assessor and is payable in addition to the total of the assessed bill which means that, if the dispute after costs is only for a small sum, it may be more cost effective to find a solution to the invoice rather than to apply for assessment. In the event that you wish to challenge an invoice you should let us know and we will provide you full details and costs at that time.


For the protection of our clients we maintain substantial professional indemnity insurance which is reviewed each year. It is a condition of our accepting instructions in any matter that our liability in relation to that matter shall not exceed the amount of our insurance cover at the relevant time. Where it is necessary for us to instruct others (such as Counsel, experts or agents) to carry out work we will do so as agents on your behalf and you will be responsible for their charges. We do not have any liability for the advice or work carried out by such third parties.


We do not hold clients’ money.


You are entitled to change firms or to end your instructions to us at any time, but you remain responsible for fees and other outstanding payments due to us up to that time. We are entitled to hold any title deeds, document or papers until we receive payment in full. We may stop acting for you at any time, but will normally do this only if there is a conflict of interest, if you do not pay our fees, or if for some other reason we feel unable to continue to act for you.


Our work will be carried out solely for your benefit and not for the benefit of any third party.


These terms may only be varied by written agreement signed by Baker Crane.


These terms are governed by Law and are subject to the jurisdiction of choice of Baker Crane.


Baker Crane Private Clients is Supervised by the Association of International Accountants, the Institute of Financial Accountants and the Institute of Public Accountants with respect to Anti-Money Laundering. Baker Crane & Baker Crane Private Clients are business names of BakerCrane Private Clients Limited, Registered in the UK with registration number 08894511. BakerCrane Private Clients Limited are not Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Business

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